Everything from basic Risk Management to building comprehensive Governance, Risk and Compliance frameworks.

Invest in a Windows ecosystem. Modern Workplace services can help you be proactive in maximising uptime and flexibility.

Your users are your best asset, so allow them to spread their wings with our Change & Enablement services.

Our dedicated team of application developers can take your website or application aspirations and transform them into a professional, high performance web presence.

So let’s say you have your app or website built. Now, our team of professionals are ready with all hands on deck, to host it on our Azure platform supported by Microsoft.

Project Resourcing

Sometimes, you simply need the right skills in place. We can provide industry hardened personnel who can get to work right away and accelerate your security or modern workplace project.

No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

Project Manager

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Gina Mellow, Hemisferio’s Founder


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Dan Billson, Abstract’s Founder


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Rachel Park, Spaces’s Founder

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