The landscape of cybersecurity threats and fraud is constantly evolving — just as fast as technology evolves. We live in a digital world – there’s no arguing about that. But while the digital landscape has made keeping in touch with the world easier it has also led to a vast increase of threats to the cybersecurity threat landscape. In the last decade alone, security breaches have increased exponentially and, certain reports have indicated that the damages due to cybercrime are expected to go as high as USD 10.5 trillion globally by 2025. 

So with this, our goal at Sistena is to ensure that your enterprise data stays secure, with a robust cybersecurity program.

As a Modern Workplace and IT Services Provider, Sistena provides tailor-made services to you – our clients – depending on what it is you need. Using tried-and-tested methodologies, we at Sistena can assess the security controls you might currently have in place and improve on that by suggesting additional protocols to safeguard their growing business against evolving threats and security breaches. We want to take our time to truly understand you, your organisation, and its needs thoroughly so that we can offer cutting-edge security services best suited for you!

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