Based in the UK, Sistena Ltd. is an IT services company set to give your business all the right solutions, with a special focus towards providing qualitative support and not one that is quantitative.

To any business running in today’s context, IT should be taken as a business asset and not a clumsy afterthought. And at Sistena, our goal is exactly that.

We offer a comprehensive set of IT solutions that your business can thrive with — from Application Development, Security, Modern Workplace, and Change & Enablement.

Our Mission.

At Sistena, our mission is purely to help you and your business in leveraging the best of modern-day technology.

Tailor-Made Experience
Guaranteed Delivery
Top-Tier Talent
Top Performance

Meet the Team.

Steve Barker

IT Architect

Hassan M

Technical Consultant

Saraj Mohammed

Security Consultant

Lucy Paton-Brown

Change Consultant

Lee Rowland

Business Analyst

Damien Cresswell

IT Consultant

Software Engineering Team.

Pruthuvi Nugaliyadda

Engineering Project Manager

Yanuka Deneth

Engineering Technical Lead

Chamara Indrajith

Senior Software Engineer

Lasith Manujitha

Senior Software Engineer

Venul Ekanayake

QA Engineer

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