Most organisations now realise the benefits of a flexible workforce. Employees now expect to be able to work on a device they choose from any location in a secure way. This improves overall morale and helps innovate the way people do their work.

We help build an employee experience which leverages Microsoft modern workplace solutions. These solutions create a fantastic experience when using collaboration and communication tools across the workplace.

Sistena’s Modern Workplace solutions can help you in the adoption of the future of work. We use proven designs which can accelerate your modern workplace journey or help you improve your existing implementation.

We also offer ‘Business as Usual’ operations service to help your ‘run’ your Modern Workplace platform.

Modern Workplace Enablement

  • Rapid Adoption of Microsoft Technologies

  • Simplified solution using proven best practice

  • Security and flexibility at the heart of the design

BAU operations

  • Application lifecycle including packaging, deployment, version control and reporting

  • Device lifecycle management. We can manage your device turnover and delivery to end users

  • Procurement of devices and recycling

Application Packaging Services

Your user need a LOT of apps! – they all need updating to keep the lates functionality. Also, as vulnerabilities are identified, you need to keep them updated.

Simplify and streamline your application deployment with our comprehensive application packaging solution for Intune.

Our solution offers advanced version management capabilities, ensuring your users always have the latest version of your applications. With our solution, you can easily track and manage application updates, reducing the risk of outdated software and increasing productivity.

Say goodbye to manual application updates and security concerns. Choose our application packaging solution for Intune and gain peace of mind with automated version management and vulnerability management.

We offer a simple, predictable cost model which includes the following benefits:

  • Access to our back-catalogue of packaged application configurations to speed up your deployement
  • Use of our unique method to maintain applications, even when they are on-demand apps.
  • Rapid turnaround of new app packaging requests
  • Online app-packaging request process where you can monitor status updates


Device Lifecycle Management

Simplify your daily operations with Intune’s Device Lifecycle Management and deploy and redeploy mobile and Windows devices with ease.

At Sistena, we understand the difficulties in managing the lifecycle of your devices, which is why we offer a proven, efficient service to manage all your devices, ensuring seamless integration and reducing the hassle of day-to-day tasks.

Say goodbye to device logistics, excess cardboard and manual processes and hello to a more efficient and productive work environment.

Let us help your organisation overcome the challenges of device lifecycle management with Intune. Try Sistena’s Device Lifecycle Management service today!

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